Death by Natural Causes of Procrastination

I had a great blog written in my head.   Procrastination gave it an early death.  Have you ever had something you were going to do, say, write, research...only to have it dissolve because you did not heed the call and put it off?  So what's up with that.  You can easily write it off claiming you got busy, fell into defeated thinking..."maybe no one will care" or a host of other excuses.  What makes us procrastinate?  A question, more often than not, that I must address in coaching even after there was a set goal and timeline for completion agreed upon with the coachee. 

The one common denominator among such a variety of people I coach that leads down the procrastination path is FEAR.  I think procrastination is based in  fear whether it's fear of failure or fear of success.  So no matter which it is, I'll break it down in three easy steps to get you off the downward spiral and get yourself started:

1.  Really think about your intention.  Why is paramount.  Why do you want to spend God given time on earth to devote to the task at hand.  Trust the how will take care of itself.  Where there is a will there is a way is solid advice. With a compelling reason you are off to a good start.

2. Visualize, feel and taste your compelling reason.  Really make it vivid and FEEL why it is important and align to the outcome.  This compelling yes in your heart and Spirit will make it easy to say no to what ever reason gets in your way and feeds your procrastination. Example, I was a smoker of cigarettes in my pre-motherhood life.  Once my compelling yes to love for my child and wanting to be a good example and to live to share his life took hold of reason and my heart this made my "NO" emphatically successful dominating over my addition.  Spirit delivers and breaks the chains in your truth and simply waits for you to know what you know.

3. Take the first step knowing you can commit 20 minutes, just 20 minutes to get started.  Invariably you will find that you will keep going. If you need to break away, come back promising yourself to committing just 20 minutes.  It works like magic to break the procrastination cycle. If you find you are not willing to commit just 20 minutes then stop torturing yourself...go back to step 1 and reset your intention, whatever the outcome.  Do or set yourself free let go.