Be As Willing to Stand Up as to Bow Down

Read an interesting commentary somewhere about just how over used the phrase, "I am humbled." is wherein the meaning has become cliche.  And yes, humility is a virtue as long as you do not use it as a cliche and a way not to stand up for yourself, use your voice and do not permit yourself to play victim. In a recent coaching session with a senior level executive, I was privileged to have her share how ....

With leadership (you are a leader in your life, that of others whom you officially or unofficially believe you take them or share a better way) comes the need to be humble as you serve others.  Servant leaders know this is a tenant of propping others up, picking up the towel for another, listening with empathy, sharing compassion.  It is also key to mindfulness as we minimize our ego and lend ourselves to a true life force.  

To be able to stay mindful is easier said than done.  How often I hear from my coachees, "they push my buttons."  I jokingly respond, "we are not computers, we do not have buttons." On a serious note, yes we do have "hot buttons."  By the way, not all buttons are the same.  Some are smaller such as the "irritation button", a bit larger is the "frustrates me button", and then the big red hot "makes me angry" button.  Learning to distinguish your emotions so you can articulate them clearly to yourself first to discern if you want to share for the common good or not.....Once you discern your emotions and thoughts around the button pushed for you ask yourself which of these three choices apply?  1) I can accept it?  2)I cannot accept it so I will have a conversation to change it, or Neither of these two well work so I will opt to let it Go? Really let it go!