SM Consulting

Working one-on-one with leadership teams, our mission is to help our clients drive results and embrace diversity to maximize talent and outcomes.

Our executive coaching experts collaborate with clients in creating solutions to address internal workplace and staff challenges such as:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Team building
  • And much more

We use a collaborative style, partnering with you to design a scope of work rich in content and process. Whether you are launching a new team, need an intervention to get unstuck or are interested in team or leadership development retreats, you can count on our process and the outcomes that are customized to your needs.


Support and challenge individuals and organizations to maximize their contributions and lives as they define success!


Transform individuals and organizations to achieve their highest performance possible in making a difference and leaving a legacy.


  • We demonstrate compassion in guiding and facilitating development
  • We honor difference and demonstrate inclusion
  • We believe in meaningful engagement by consulting to add value
  • We seek integrity in relationships and in how we conduct business
  • We hold a collaborative spirit as associates and with clients we serve
  • We model and thrive on continuous learning and development individually and collectively

Santalynda Marrero


Dr. Santalynda Marrero is an executive coaching expert, consultant, speaker and author of The Diversity Calling; Building Community One Story at a Time.  She received her doctorate from Rutgers University in Counseling Psychology and applies her academic and career experience to facilitate organizational, team and individual leadership development in an inclusive way that seeks to engage, expand and transform.

Over the years Santalynda has worked both nationally and internationally and is fluent in Spanish. During the past 25 years she has worked as an internal and external consultant in an array of environments, healthcare, government, academia, finance and technology.

Santalynda has helped her clients with:

  • Collaborative strategy planning
  • Vision framework
  • Culture change
  • Team and leadership development
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Individual and team coaching

To enhance organizational alignments she has facilitated:

  • Retreats
  • Team building exercises
  • Development of high performance teams
  • Conflict resolution

Being bicultural, bi-literate and bilingual in Spanish has afforded Santalynda the opportunity to work internationally. Diversity and inclusion, in addition to cultural engagement, are core to all her work. Her curiosity and love for cultures engages her in world travel and in a faculty role at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communications (SIIC).

Santalynda was born and raised in New Jersey. She and her son currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Authored Books

“The Diversity Calling: Building Community One Story at a Time” shares the stories of each of the nine DiCE (Diversity Community Exchange) members, Sonny, Juan, Santalynda, Simma, Sidalia, Nadia, Tommy, Joe-Joe and Marvin, as they made their individual journeys and choices to perform diversity work. Reading their stories may cause you to laugh, cry and hope as you get to know them better, and in all likelihood it will inspire you to share a few stories of your own!