What clients are saying about Dr Santanlynda

Bernida Reagan
Director of Social Responsibility
Port of Oakland

“Dr. Marrero helped our newly formed division assess our strengths and challenges and emerge from a strategic planning process with a clear vision, mission and goals for moving forward. Her creative and masterful methodologies relaxed our team and helped us to appreciate each members’ of the team’s particular strengths. She is a delight to work with. We look forward to continuing our work with her in the future.”

Gerald Simon
Fire Chief and City Administration
Oakland Fire Department

"I can truly say that Dr. Santalynda is one of the most dynamic, motivating and spirited professionals blessed to do the work of nurturing and developing minds and souls in our workspaces.  Having a long tenure in both the private and public sectors, Dr Santalynda blends her spirit with her experience in both work and in life, to produce some amazing results oriented transitions within all sizes of organizations and teams that she touches"


Brian K. Yeoman
Associate Vice President
The University of Texas, Houston

“Santalynda was particularly helpful to my organization which was in the midst of a huge cultural change.  She was hired to engage more than two hundred individuals in understanding large scale change at to level of the individual.  She worked seamlessly with my staff and greatly help many to begin to understand their role in aligning themselves with mission, vision, goals, and objectives.  Her style was classy, intellectual but down to earth and was warmly received and acted upon by many.  We chose to succeed based largely upon her facilitation.”



 Xochitl Cazador
 Director of Strategic Planning

"Dr. Santalynda is committed to the success of Latinas.  She nurtures each of her clients and uses her expertise as an executive coach to draw out the very best.  She helps prepare her clients to take the big leap and overcome obstacles on the way to success.  As a Latina, she not only relates to the unique challenges many of us face,  but also provides support and encourage to break through barriers to the next level of success."

Phyllis Perez
Clerk of Board of Supervisors
Santa Clara County

“Our office approached an all-inclusive professional development process with the help and guidance of Santalynda Marrero. Using her creative talent and highly-skilled expertise in the area of office-related challenges, the clerk of the Board, management and staff have benefited in many areas. A vision was created, goals were set and most importantly, everyone is now on the same page as to how we approach our work. All of this was done at three separate retreats each year (upper management, full management team, and all staff). These retreats also included opportunities for staff recognition and creating an understanding and appreciation for what we all do as individuals and as a team. We have used Santalynda Marrero for several years, and each professional development session is better than the last.”


Tommy E. Smith, Jr
Deputy Associate Director
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Marrero is a first rate professional and excellent practitioner in the field of diversity and organizational dynamics. After wrestling with a newly-acquired responsibility to manage the company’s diversity program, we utilized Dr. Marrero’s services as a consultant and facilitator. Through her insight and extensive knowledge, Dr. Marrero successfully led our management team through a process that allowed us to clearly define and articulate our mission, vision, and operational guidelines for managing this important area.”

Carolyn Feuille
Esprit Global Learning

Santalynda is a gifted training and organization development consultant. She brings much depth of knowledge, a unique & creative style, and makes learning fun. With her background in psychology, she can surface workplace issues and get to the heart of them quickly so as to help bring about the right solutions that can prevent the problems from recurring.


Dr. Jeff Prince
Director of Psychological Services
UC Berkeley

“Santalynda has provided our organization with expert leadership development training, coaching, and multicultural training. Her sensitivity, knowledge and diligence made a significant difference to developing the quality of our leaders and to the effective operations of the organization.  I give her my highest recommendation.”