To err is human, to forgive is Divine

I recently posted a newsletter in which I made the mistake of stating " as 2016 draws to a close..." clearly a year ahead of myself.  The good news was that it created a response swell which made me feel as good - people are reading my posts..  So to stay withing the theme of gratitude I realize  in making mistakes we learn and we share and for that I am grateful.  Several colleagues shared humorful insights and made me laugh at myself and feel my vunlerability in a gracious way.

To boot, this past Sunday at church service the topic was forgiveness and it was so well delivered it carried a message straight to my soul.  Noteworthy, while the pastor gave numbers examples of people and offenses we may struggle to forgive he never mentioned forgiving oneself.  Being the consultant, facilitator I am I almost raised my hand in the to be called upon to say, hey what about forgiving ourselves.  Of course I caught myself and instead went up to the prayer alter to contemplate and pray for the greatest forgiveness of all- to forgive myself.   Here again a learning from what I observed to be an ommission, a mistake.

So I how do you act when needing to forgive yourself, another, an error, a misgiving.  I believe this is an important characteristic of leaders.  I say it ranks highly within the emotional intelligence scale.  If I cannot forgive how can I be resilient, or open, or inclusive, and so on and so on.  Yes indeed, to err is human and to forgive is Divine.  I invite you to read an earlier post on forgiveness.