If you celebrate...

If you celebrate, I want to wish you the best holiday season ever!  Christmas for me is my favorite Holi-day for it means renewed Spirit within me and hope for the world.  To be honest, I gave equal ferver to decorating and gift buying (I am a gift giver).  This year for the first time in my good long life, I have no desire to decorate or gift buy.  Brings to the fore front to me what many people have shared with me, namely that the "Hallmark" commerical angle of the holidays was not for them.  Quite honestly, I thought them "scrooges."  Well here I go now sharing the same sentiment and not at all being a "scrooge."  Instead this is signifcant for me interms of redefining for myself what this Holi-day means to me for at this time and season of life. What speakes to my heart and soul is--a time of prayer.

I believe in prayer and know that our world needs it more than ever.  We see the carnage and sacrifice of goodness and humanity on every land.  And yes, we need to pray equally for all the good there is in our world and the "saviours" that care, share and show up.  So this holi-day season may you pray simply and dream big for you, me and our world.

May you be the light you are meant to be in this world giving hope and love.