Keeping it Real and the Goddess Within

By now I would normally have written 3 to 4 blog posts for the month of March.  Well, here we are at the end of the month and this is when I decided that I would write!

Keeping it real, I don’t want to write just to say I wrote my blog, and told myself if I ever do something just to say I did, I would stop.

I’m glad I have held true, mostly, to this belief – in my careers, relationships, all areas of my life.  This month has been a most introspective one, and that seems appropriate as spring nears.

You see, some seeds take root in the spirit, while others blow away in the wind.  The seeds I speak of are those in the form of promises to myself, new leaves to turn over and resolutions that have gone with the wind.  And as such, this has been a time of spiritual awakening.

My Jar of Gratitude has been a touchstone of sorts on this journey.  How are you doing with your commitment to add to  your jar?

Having just visited the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, which was fantastic,  I feel like a true archeologist excavating ruins by chipping away and piecing together bits of what has slowly come together in a marvelous find, back to myself.  As I believe, when you  are ready the way appears brightly and sure enough  it  happened for me.

I came  across Barbara De Angelis newest book, Soul Shifts. If you are ready to go deeper and higher, I highly recommend  this book to you.

My discovery is that I am a Goddess, a miracle, a force to be shared – I just forgot.

What this all means and how this may sound does not matter,  not really.  What does matter is keeping it, and me, real.

My guess is that you’re Goddess too and too good to  miss!  Look within, get feedback from others, meditate,  figure out ways to keep it real…Then share your Goddess self in the comments, below!