I Like Change…You Go First!

The topic of change has been part of my career as a coach and consultant for over 30 years.

My how time flies by when you’re having fun!

I have addressed the topic of change and transition with individuals, teams and organizations in training, keynotes, facilitations and strategic planning.  The types of change, whether developmental, transitional or transformational have all been challenging.  All depend on the readiness of the person, team and organization to absorb the process.

I once saw a sticker in a client’s offices saying, “I like change, you go first.“ I loved it and would laugh and comment every time I went into his office, so much so that after a year of coaching him one day he finally gifted it to me.

Most of us appreciate that change is necessary. Without our weighing in change can at times  initiate its own happening.  The challenge for me always centers around being courageous enough to be the first to go.  Especially true for a leader.  How you frame change in your own mind’s eye informs how you lead your life and that of others who follow.

Indeed, change is often full of contrasts: Do nothing/gotta do something, pain/pleasure, boredom/over-stimualtion; acceptance/resistance and you no doubt can fill in some of your own.  Change even when initiated by us can be challenging.  And as we all have learned by now, it happens on many levels at the same time.  Unsettling feelings and anxiety can cause us to conclude we are going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes we may be, but my guess is often we drag our heels in moving forward because we misread the process.

So to help keep you balance I offer a the insight below. Jeanette Winterson, a British author, sure got my attention with her description of the emotional ebb and flow of how we experience change and I wanted to share it with you!  Carry on and change, calm or not!