Epiphany: Trusting Your Wisdom To Guide You

This month brings for many believers the Epiphany, January 6,  when following the brightest star lead to belief, giving, receiving and life.

Whether you believe or not, the importance of epiphany is in the journey we take to find our gifts, talents and the divine in us that calls us to express who we are in the world.

While you may not always see the gift you are, know that you bring gifts of wisdom, joy, and love to the world.  Deem yourself and us worthy of giving and receiving.

What bright star are you following this year?  Are you that bright star we should be following?

Trust Your Wisdom

Trusting your wisdom to guide you begins with looking inside and around you to see the gifts you have to offer, talents you have developed on your career path and in life as a whole.  What you value shows up again and again, in the patterns of your life.  How you place value on yourself and others becomes evident.

Please, please tell on yourself!

When I take inventory, my list of gifts to share include:

  • Love and Compassion
  • Sharing and Caring
  • Humor and a Child’s Heart
  • Wisdom in my “Third Act”
  • 30 years of professional experience as coach, facilitator, consultant – In the corporate world for 15 years and the other halfin my own consulting business.
  • Friendship
  • Curiosity and Continuous Learning

I feel truly blessed to look around me, how and where I live, who is in my life, my career development, my life is a reflection of the best kind.

Enough about me—what about you?

What does your list look like?

You are too good to miss, and I’m waiting…