Lead yourself and others to the next level of success.

Take a moment to imagine. Imagine how you could fit your life into your dreams; what it would feel like to find your sweet spot, your motivation and align your intention with a plan. Stop imagining and make it a reality!


IndividuaL Coaching

Career and Life coaching to lead a balanced and highly successful life


Corporate and Groups

Executive coaching and development to build and inspire high performance

Fire Breathing Women

Rekindle, stoke and spread your fire to bring passion in your life and career

It takes intention and strategy to invest in self and gain success. Ready to start?

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Career and Life coaching to lead a balanced and highly successful life


Career and Life coaching

Are you ready to take the next steps in your life but are not sure where to start? Would you like to develop confidence and express exactly who you are to the world?

From supporting you in self-discovery to creating strategies to find your optimal professional and personal path, Dr. Santalynda uses proven methods to help you thrive in work and life. 

Dr. Santalynda can help you achieve the results you need for a fulfilling and successful life.  It takes intention and strategy to invest in self and gain success. Ready to start?


One on One Coaching

Individual sessions tailored to your specific needs.   You'll leverage strengths to achieve goals that once seemed out of reach.

Small Groups

Groups sessions are an exciting and affordable way to find your calling and live a more rewarding life


Drive Organization Alignment and Leadership Developemnt


Whether you are launching a new team, need an intervention to get unstuck or are interested in leadership development, you can count on a process and outcomes that are customized to your needs. Dr. Santalynda uses a collaborative style, partnering with you to design a scope of work rich in content and process.

  • Developing Executive Talent

  • Building High Performance Teams

  • Managing Conflict

  • Creating and Inclusive and Diverse Environment

Team Building Workshops

Dr Santalynda offers a variety of Corporate Workshops focused on team-building, practical tools for managing conflict, and cultivating leadership skills. Corporate workshops range in duration from 60-90 minute “Brown Bag” lunch seminars to half-day, full day and 2 day events.

Coaching or Training Series

Dr Santalynda will work with you to develop a more in training series to address your team's needs or coaching sessions to help you develop your top talent.  


Fire Breathing Women / Mujeres que Respiran Fuego 

Navigating your personal life, careers and dreams is the greatest challenge.  It is also an outstanding opportunity to gain insight, grow and transform within every season of your womanhood.  Mujeres Que Respiran Fuego (Fire Breathing Women) exists to empower you in living a fulfilling and successful life:  family, relationships, career, spiritual, financial and physical. 

Do you need help?

  • Rekindling and tending to your fire as you experience life and career transitions?
  • Sparking your fire as you look to emerge
  • Tending to your fire so you don’t burn out?
  • Spreading your fire and stoking others’ around you?


This powerful coaching program can help you reignite your fire passion, helping you fit life into your dreams.  


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