Fire Breathing Women / Mujeres que Respiran Fuego 

Navigating your personal life, careers and dreams is the greatest challenge.  It is also an outstanding opportunity to gain insight, grow and transform within every season of your womanhood.  Mujeres Que Respiran Fuego (Fire Breathing Women) exists to empower you in living a fulfilling and successful life:  family, relationships, career, spiritual, financial and physical. 

Do you need help?

  • Rekindling and tending to your fire as you experience life and career transitions?
  • Sparking your fire as you look to emerge
  • Tending to your fire so you don’t burn out?
  • Spreading your fire and stoking others’ around you?


This powerful coaching program can help you reignite your fire passion, helping you fit life into your dreams.  


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